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3D Laboratory for Mineral Research is used to:

  • Study the crystal morphology, mineralogy and mineral chemistry of PGM, gold, base metals and other useful constituents of different rock types containing low concentrations; 

  • Enhance the chances of finding accessory minerals for their identification and characterization (e.g. PGM, gold, diamond, zircon, baddeleyite, etc); 

  • Carry out prospecting and technological mapping at the phase level from small samples (100-2000g); 

  • Produce ultraclean separates of accessory minerals for any analytical purpose (i.e. mineral identification, isotopic studies, X-ray diffraction etc.) without using toxic chemicals and reactants which may leach or crush desired minerals; 

  • Determine the identity of accessory minerals, their grain-size distribution and mineral associations; important information for economic evaluation and extraction; 

  • Detect the occurrence of useful minerals and elements in possible secondary mineral deposits (process products such as mine tailings, industrial slags, etc); 

  • Separate intact crystals and/or crystal fragments of diamonds and gemstones; 

  • Contribute to better understanding of the paragenesis of deposits through detailed studies of accessory minerals; 

  • Conduct analysis of losses in tailings from concentration mills, etc

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