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Laboratory studies of ore formation and quantitative process mineralogy should include studying all constituents of samples, including accessory minerals on a single grain level. Our patented hydroseparation (HS) when used together with Electric pulse disaggregation (EPD) becomes a unique solution for mineralogical research of bedrock, ore and processed products. It includes the following stages of the sample processing and research: 1) mineralogical and geochemical analyses of the primary sample; 2) EPD of the sample (by means of the CNT EPD Spark-2 device); 3) wet screening of EPD products; 4) obtaining heavy mineral concentrates by hydroseparation (by CNT HS-11) from each size fraction; 5) selection of characteristic grains of useful (indicator) minerals from the coarse fractions of the heavy mineral HS-concentrates; 6) monolayer polished sections from all heavy mineral HS-concentrates; 7) mineralogical in-situ investigations of monolayer polished sections of the heavy mineral HS-concentrates and selected characteristic grains by quantitative mineralogical methods; 8) the synthesis and compilation of all information related to research tasks. Combined EPD&HS technology is now used successfully in various research centers and universities around the World resulting in over 300 publications. See for details.

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